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Description:   Wikipedia ToolBand is a toolband for search on with Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and most navigators.

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Leo's Hanlin V3 eBook SDK A set of tools for easy development for Hanlin V3 e-Ink reader device under Visual Studio. Includes Leo's Void, Leo's Wikipedia Reader and eBookScript (include samples: sudoku, gnuchess frontend, dictionary, etc ). Hanlin V3 Development tools Leo's Void planetarium sources includedLeo's Wikipedia reader and convertor ...

LuasAlg A JavaScript framework and integrated development environment (IDE) for interacting with the MediaWiki API e.g. to create Wikipedia bots. Desktop IDE for writing and executing JS scriptsFull remote access to the WikiMedia APISyntax highlighting and debugger.Execute simultaneously scripts independently.Framework available as independent download for us

LicenseToKill LicenseToKill is a tool made to help the images deletion tasks often performed on Wikipedia and Mediawiki-based sites.

MediaWiki Query Language MWQL is an extension to MediaWiki, providing (end) users with a language for structural queries, so that they can build dynamic pages as seen in the Special pages of Wikipedia.

Mike's Wiki Tool MWT is a windows application that allows recent change monitoring and vandalism reversion on the english Wikipedia.

Mobile Dots and Boxes A Java multiplayer, mobile game of Dots & Boxes ( using bluetooth. This was a project assignment for Technologies & Techniques course at the University of Witswatersrand, Johannesburg, South Africa

Ontology Creation The program creates OWL ontology files that describe relationships between entities. Basis are definitions found by searching Wikipedia articles for specific lexico-syntactic patterns.

Vandalism Detector for de.wikipedia This project is no longer active. But there will be a new Project soon, which will then be written in Java and is supposed to be highly configurable. Just search for Jvdetect, it should be availible soon, at least as some concept files.

Wikipedia for language research This project tries to make Spanish Wikipedia a useful resource for the language research community.

Conceptual Wikipedia Plugin This is Firefox plugin that analyze content of page and links top rated keywords in page to articles in Wikipedia. It reduces overall number of clicks user makes in order to reach Wikipedia page.

Wikiexe Wikiexe is a simple, easy to use, light desktop wiki. It's designed to use MediaWiki skin, syntax (small subset) and xml export format. Current version runs only on Windows XP (not Vista or 7). To export page into MediaWiki xml format, drag and drop page ...

WinBoard Free Bulletin Board that works on any windows based PC with IIS or PWS, simple(99% written in ASP) and fast, but has functions similar to UltraBoard 2000 Personal Edition.

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